Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fun with Kool-Aid

I was bored, it's cold & snowing like mad here in Ohio. So here I sit looking at an empty ice cube tray & half a pitcher of Kool-Aid....hmmmmm, I wonder.

I pour the rest of the Kool-Aid into the ice cube tray. What doesn't fit goes into a glass. Waste not want not:) 

Now, I make a new pitcher of Kool-Aid, lemonade this time. I guard the fridge with my life & a spatula making sure no one drinks it. Then in a few hours I have ice for my fruit flavored beverage that won't water it down. So simple, so genius. 
 I like to mix and match flavors and colors. Contrasting reflections of light make me giggle. If you're not a mix it kind of person you probably only have packets of cherry drink mix anyway so ice & pour. No matter how long you let is sit, your fruity ade may become a different flavor but will never be watered down.


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